Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Condo

Moving from a home to a condo can be a very big change. A concern you may come across when considering a condo is that you may be giving up some square footage. But don't worry about not having enough room in your condo for your belongs. If decorated effectively, you can create a beautiful and elegant look while maximizing the use your condo space. Here are some ways to increase your condo living space.

Improve the Lighting
Lighting is a key element in opening up spaces. Allowing natural light inside the room opens up the interior and makes it look larger. If you do not have a lot of natural light, you can add some creative effects using lighting fixtures. With the proper lighting, every room can be showcased. Having curtains that draw completely past the window frame exposes the room to lots of natural light. Mirrors on the wall can reflect this light without taking up extra space and increase the visual appeal of the interior.

Maximize Your Storage Space
There are dozens of places around the home to stow away unused things and cleaning supplies alike. Hanging cleaning supplies like the broom and mop up on the closet wall will allow for bigger items to sit on the ground, like seasonal decorations in a box, or hidden gifts for the holiday season. In the kitchen, hanging a spice rack on the inside of a cabinet will allow room for the wine cabinet you've always wanted but never had room for!

Downsize Your Furnishings
A cluttered floor plan can quickly take up that much needed space. Rather than trying to fit every single piece of furniture you own into your condo, select a few of your favorite pieces of furniture and get rid of the rest. For example, instead of a having a queen sized bed and full size chest of drawers in your guest bedroom, get rid of the chest and install an extra closet bar in the closet to maximize hanging potential, or consider an under the bed storage solution, to open up floor space.

Open up the Bathroom
The bathroom is a great place to add a sense of open space. Instead of a clouded glass door for the shower, swap in a curved curtain. This will give off the impression that the bathroom is much bigger than it actually is. Additionally, add some floating shelves behind the toilet for towels and other bathroom accessories to clear up some counter space.

Use Floor to Ceiling Decor
When deciding to decorate a condo, it's easy to forget everything above eye level. Hanging curtains from the ceiling and running them centered over twice the length of the window will go a long way to changing the dynamic in the room. Hang a TV with a wall mount to eliminate the need for a stand and draw attention away from the ground and up into the wall.

By using these tips when decorating your new condo, you'll quickly realize that even though you may have less square footage, you don't really lose your space. The best condos at Lake of the Ozarks offer a vast and open floor plan for you to decorate and furnish to your heart's desire. Enjoy the perfect view of the Lake in any room, or step out onto the covered terrace and see why these really are the best waterfront condos at the Lake of the Ozarks!

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