Friday, April 29, 2016

Give Ozarks: Participate in One of the Biggest Days of Giving!

Give Ozarks has become one of the biggest days of giving across Southern Missouri. The second annual Give Ozarks Day is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016. In its inaugural year, 150 nonprofits raised more than $1 million, including more than $200,000 in prizes and matching incentives. Lake of the Ozarks will again be participating in this one-day fundraising event. The lake area community will rally to support its 10 local charities involved in the event, to show that Lake of the Ozarks is the most giving community. Donors have raised $25,000 in matching funds to show support. Here are some ways you can participate:

Give Ozarks Event at Hy-Vee 

The lake area community has the opportunity to financially support 10 local charities that advocate for children, feed the hungry, help the disabled, provide medical services to the poor, teach children and make the Lake of the Ozarks a better place to live, work, and play. The Community Foundation of the Lake has organized an event on May 3rd, at Hy-Vee from 11 AM - 3 PM. The event features an appreciation BBQ at 11:30 AM from Hy-Vee's grill, live music, a t-shirt giveaway, and lots of fun for a great cause!

How to Donate

You can donate online at Select your preferred organization and make a minimum gift of $5. The video below explains the donation process in further detail:

To Give to Lake Area Charities:

Kids’ Harbor -

Share The Harvest Food Pantry -

Food For Morgan County -

Medical Missions For Christ -

Children’s Learning Center -

Wonderland Camp -

The Mother’s Shrine -

The Lake Arts Council -

Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue -

Loving Hands Preschool -

Come Home to Isla Del Sol Condominiums 

If you live at the Lake of the Ozarks, you are considered lucky. It is one of the most giving and tight-knit communities you will find. Buying a condo at the Lake of the Ozarks might be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. After a day of supporting your favorite local charity, your private getaway at Isla Del Sol Condominiums will be waiting for you - we know you deserve it!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Decorating Ideas to Create A Luxurious Feel in Your Condo

If you are downsizing from a large house into a condo at the Lake of the Ozarks, you may be wondering how to decorate your new space. Your new lake lifestyle at Isla Del Sol Condominiums should be low maintenance, yet still be high-end so you can take advantage of all the lake has to offer including world class boating, golfing, fishing, and shopping. It is important to organize your space wisely to take advantage of storage areas while still maintaining a lavish look. Here are some top-notch decorating ideas that compromise on space, but not style:

Downsize In Your Kitchen and Dining Area

By living in a luxury condo at the Lake of the Ozarks, you have access to many great waterfront restaurants. If this limits your time in the kitchen and dining area, there may not be a need for large appliances or bulky dining tables and chairs. Play up the expansive view of the lake with sleek dark walls. It's dramatic yet friendly and cozy. It makes a perfect atmosphere to enjoy hors d'oeuvres with a few friends or neighbors. 

Create Privacy In Your Living Area

Place a table in front of a full-length window. This may seem detrimental to the 360 degree panoramic views you receive at Isla Del Sol Condominiums, but wall-to-wall windows can sometimes be intimidating. You can anchor them by putting a small sofa and table or bench in front of them. Hanging full-length drapes to frame the window and add intimacy can create a luxurious feel. You will still have the stunning Lake of the Ozarks as your backdrop.

Accessorize Your Space 

Incorporate some bright-colored accessories into your space. Step up a solid interior with small pops of color. Use candles, throw pillows, vases, and flowers in the season's hottest hues. To help you choose a color to use as an accent piece, pick a color in the largest pattern in the room, whether it is in
the drapes, upholstery fabric, or large rug. Then choose a color based upon that piece.  

Accentuate Your Fireplace

Go floor to ceiling with your fireplace. Turn the fireplace wall into the focal point of the room by choosing show-stopping decor that stretches to the ceiling. Instead of a piece of artwork, you could add mosaic tiles that would reflect light on the wall from the glow of the embers. Another option is to add a mantle if it does not already have one. Paint it a bold color or add some eye-catching objects to it.

Isla Del Sol Condominiums Offer Style and Functionality

If you are ready to discover your Lake of the Ozarks luxury condo, then look no further than Isla Del Sol Condominiums. This spectacular condo project offers all the luxuries of a large home along with incredible amenities including an exquisite resort-style lakeside pool with zero-entry fountains, and splash fountains for children, a dog walking area, ample parking, boat docks and PWC slips. You will feel right at home in your private island escape. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Don't Miss this Popular Spring Festival at the Lake of the Ozarks!

This year marks the 66th anniversary for the Dogwood Festival that takes place in Camdenton each year. This festival is loved by residents and visitors alike in the lake area. If you own a Isla Del Sol Condominium, we suggest getting out to one of the events during this three-day festival. It is only a short drive from your condo at the Lake of the Ozarks and features a carnival, a parade, and lots of food and craft booths. Here are the events you can expect at this year's festival:

Schedule of Events

Thursday, April 14th 
Photo: Camdenton Chamber

Carnival: 5 - 10 PM, Camdenton Middle School Parking Lot 
($20 wrist band 5 - 9 PM)

Friday, April 15th 

St. Anthony’s Church Garage Sale: 7 AM – 4 PM, N. Bus. Hwy 5 
Our Savior Lutheran Church Garage Sale: 8AM - 4PM, 442 E. Hwy 54 
Fine Art Display: 9 AM – 4 PM, First National Bank 
Knights of Columbus Fish Fry: 4 PM - 8 PM, 547 W. Hwy 54
(Adult $9 / Child 5-12 $4) 
Spaghetti Dinner: 5:30 PM, Melodrama: 7 PM, Camden County Museum ($15) 
Shoe Box Float Display: 5:30 PM, Middle School, S. Bus. Hwy 5 
DECA Craft Show: 5:30 – 8 PM, Middle School, S. Bus. Hwy 5
Food & Craft Booths: 5:30 – 9 PM, Middle School, S. Bus. Hwy 5
Baby Contest: 6:30 PM, Camdenton Middle School Little Theater
Carnival: 5 – 10 PM, Middle School Parking Lot 
($20 wrist band 5 - 9 PM) 
Live Entertainment LOZ Dance: 6 PM - 7 PM, Middle School Parking Lot
Live Band: 7 PM, Middle School Parking Lot

Saturday, April 16th 

Pancake Breakfast: 6:30 AM – 10 AM, United Methodist Church, W. Hwy 54
(Adult $6 / Child $3)
Fine Art Display: 9 AM – 3 PM, First National Bank
St. Anthony’s Church Garage Sale: 7 AM - 1 PM, N. Hwy 5
Our Savior Lutheran Church Garage Sale: 8 AM - Noon, E. Hwy 54
DECA Craft Show: 9 AM – 4 PM, Middle School
Food and Crafts: 10 AM – 6 PM, Middle School Parking Lot
Dogwood Festival Parade: 10 AM, Downtown Camdenton 
Young Eagles Flights: Noon – 3:30 PM, Camdenton Airport, S. Hwy 5 
Spaghetti Dinner: 5:30 PM, Melodrama, 7 PM, Camden County Museum ($15)
Carnival: 10 AM – 10 PM, Middle School Parking Lot
($20 wrist band 5 - 9 PM)

Live Music: Noon – 7:00 PM, Middle School Parking Lot

Noon - Xanadu Dance 
1:00 PM - Woodie & Cleda Cochran 
2:00 PM - Mitch Shields & Guest 
3:00 PM - Dog Contest (cutest,ugliest) 
4:30 PM - Iron Celtics Balloon Release 
5:00 PM - Britt Small
6:00 PM - The Ginnings 

Get Out and Enjoy the Dogwood Festival

Photo: Camdenton Chamber
Leave your island paradise at Isla Del Sol Condominiums for an afternoon and bring the family to one of the most popular spring events at the lake. This free festival features many local businesses, handmade goods, tasty treats, and other novelties. Whether you are looking to browse fine art or listen to live entertainment, you will be sure to find it at the Annual Dogwood Festival. The best part is your Lake of the Ozarks condo will be waiting when you return...

Thursday, April 7, 2016

14 Tips to Make Your Condo Move Easy and Stress Free

Packing up all of your things and moving to a new Lake of the Ozarks condo may seem like an overwhelming task. Unless you are a minimalist, moving can take time and can be a considerable amount of work. However, by planning ahead and staying organized, you will be ready to enjoy your luxury condo at the Lake of the Ozarks in no time. And of course, it doesn't hurt to keep your end goal in mind. You will soon be sitting poolside at Isla Del Sol Condominiums. Here are some steps to get ahead and make your move as stress free as possible:

1. Get Organized Ahead of Time

Avoid waiting until the last minute. Create a list of items you need to get accomplished and order them week by week.If you have extra bedrooms and storage areas that are rarely used, this is a good place to start.

2. Plan Your Moving Strategy

Your moving strategy will depend on if you are moving across town or to another city or state. If you are just downsizing or moving to another neighborhood, you may be able to talk some of your friends and family into helping you move. If you are moving long distance, you will probably want to consider pricing out various moving companies and vehicles. In any case, know your plan ahead of time.

3. Get Rid of Your Unwanted Items

This is your chance to purge any items that you are no longer using. If you have enough time and the time of year permits, hold a garage sale. There are also many online websites you can sell your larger items, such as furniture. Local charity organizations will accept gently used clothing and other goods.

4. Put Together Packing Kits

Make a kit for each person packing. Include inventory sheets, a black marker, boxes, tape, and packing materials. Go room by room and have a system, to make unpacking easily done.

5. Reuse Boxes

Each time you go to the grocery store before move day, bring home a couple of boxes. Keep in mind, large boxes can get heavy when full and smaller boxes can be easier to carry up staircases and narrow hallways.

6. Take Inventory of Your Items

Keep track of everything that you pack, especially if you hire a moving company. Consider making a spreadsheet with all of the boxes and their contents. This will be useful if something goes missing. You can number each of the boxes and label them with the corresponding room.

7. Label Everything

If you have hired a moving company or even just recruited friends, it is important that they know what room each box belongs in. Be sure to label the box on all sides with a permanent marker. This way it can be visible in a stack of boxes.

8. Find Out Your Condo Rules

In most condos, you cannot just backup your truck to the front door and unload your belongings. If you are on an upper level unit, you may be dealing with stairs or putting items into the complex's elevator. Talk to the condo association beforehand about where you can park and if there is a service elevator.

9. Prepare a Moving Day Kit

Keep one box aside for the day of the move for "essentials". Pack cleaning supplies, light bulbs, toilet paper, garbage bags, your toiletries, and a change of clothes.

10. Schedule Deliveries After Moving Day

If you have purchased any new furniture for your condo, schedule delivery for after moving day. This will keep you focused on the task at hand and avoid congestion between movers and delivery people.

11. Hook Up Utilities and Other Services

Before you get settled in, find out how essential services (gas, electric, water, etc.) are supposed to be transferred from the previous owner to you. If necessary, have your Internet, cable, and phone line hooked up as well.

12. Find a Pet Sitter for the Day

If you have a pet that could get nervous about a move, arrange for them to stay somewhere for the day. If you have a long-distance move, make sure to have safe transport for your pet.

13. Greet Your Neighbors

Let your neighbors know what your up to by not only telling them what unit you will be living in, but what vehicles you are in for the day. Make sure moving trucks aren't blocking their exit.

14. Treat Your Movers

Last, but not least, be sure to acknowledge your friends and family that helped you move. Be prepared with food and drinks when everyone is ready to take a break!

Isla Del Sol Condominiums is a New Path to Discover

Moving can be an emotional time, but can easily be managed with some planning and organization. Isla Del Sol Condominiums is ready for you to discover your new private condominium paradise. Once you move into your waterfront condo at the Lake of the Ozarks we are sure you won't regret it!

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