Friday, December 7, 2018

Holiday Shopping Guide From Isla Del Sol!

Christmas is creeping up on us and if you haven't started shopping yet you still have time but you won't want to put it off much longer! Do you have friends and family members that own a condo at the Lake of the Ozarks? Today, Isla Del Sol has a holiday gift guide perfect for the loved ones you know that own a condo! Find a few perfect gift ideas below that are great for condo owners but you may also get some great ideas for other friends and family members as well!

Home Decor

Blankets, accent pillows, and candles are all great gifts that will also help them get their condo cozy for the cold winter months. If you want to help create some ambiance, accent lighting like salt lamps can help make the room a bit warmer and fuller.

Make It Personal

From personalized mugs and tumblers to handmade picture frames and coasters, the ideas are limitless when it comes to handmade gifts. Hobby and craft stores are sure to have something you can use to create a personalized gift that they will love. No matter what it is, a handmade will leave a unique impression and is sure to be appreciated.

Gift Card

Gift cards are a great way to help someone settle in or celebrate their new condo at the Lake of the Ozarks. A gift card to a home decor store can help them decorate while a gift card to a restaurant can help them celebrate their new investment. Do some research and find out what stores are near them and getting them a card to a local store or restaurant.

Help Organize

If your friend or a family member has just moved into a condo, they may need some help getting organized. You can never have too much storage. Wicker and other types of baskets make great gift bags that can later be used to help store items in their new place. You can fill the basket with themed items, such as their favorite food or items for a spa day.

Merry Chrismas From Isla Del Sol! 

Tis the season for gift giving and we hope you have a Merry Christmas Season with your friends and family! We hope you find our holiday gift guide handy this holiday season. One of the best parts about living at the Lake of the Ozarks is all of the unique shops, boutiques, other small business in the area that offer unique items for gift giving this year! Happy shopping everyone! 

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