Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Helpful Tips to Make Christmas Shopping Easy

Christmas is not only a time to celebrate the true reason for the season, but also a time for giving. 'Tis the season to start making a list and checking it twice for all those special people in your life! So what's on your Christmas shopping list for your friends and family? How is your shopping going? As we near the big day, it's possible you're feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed out when you should be enjoying the most wonderful time of the year! Well, we can definitely understand how stressful Christmas shopping can be this close to the holidays. So Isla Del Sol has decided to help make your Christmas shopping a little easier this year by providing you with a plan! Take a look:

Make a List Before You Shop
One of the costliest mistakes consumers make when doing their Christmas shopping is going shopping without a plan and a list. Let's face it, we've all done this. You go to the store with a list of items in mind, and get out of the store with half the items you went in for and several items that weren't even on your list! The same thing happens when you try to shop for Christmas gifts without a list. Without a written list, you might end up buying more than you really need or missing items you meant to get. Have a plan, make a list and stick to it! Trust us, your wallet (and sanity) will thank you!

Start Shopping Early
While many people choose to start their holiday shopping after Thanksgiving, especially for the Black Friday sales, there are usually several opportunities to save more money throughout the year than just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, in the early spring is a great time to shop for deals on winter clothes and decor as they are typically put on sale to move inventory! So, consider shopping all year long instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving to start your shopping. Not only will this save you tons of money in the long run, but it'll save you tons of time and stress too!

Research Online Before Shopping
Do you have someone on your list that has a very specific gift request? Chances are this gift is probably something they know a lot about, but you don't. By doing your research before shopping, you can make sure you're educated on the specifications of the gift they want, you'll know ahead of time if there are any special additions that are needed to complete the gift (such as batteries), and you may even be able to find some really awesome discounts or rebates for this gift online that you wouldn't have available in stores!

Get Creative with DIY Gifts
Have you ever found yourself struggling to come up with a gift idea for that person in your life that seems to already have everything? Giving homemade gifts allows you to give something that is personal and individual to the person receiving the gift. Any gift you make is one of a kind. No two creations will ever be the same as one another, and this gives each piece special meaning. Plus, the time you put into making this very special gift for that special someone will be much appreciated!

By sticking to this plan, you'll find that your holiday season is much less stressful, and much more jolly! You'll also find that the money you save by having a plan in place will be worth it in itself! Who knows? Depending on how you shop, you may be able to put enough money back for a down payment on a luxury condo at the Lake of the Ozarks! While you're out and about doing your Christmas shopping, don't forget to swing by the Lake's best waterfront luxury condo complex - we'd love you show you around our little slice of private Island Paradise at the Lake of the Ozarks! The model unit is open 7 days a week for your convenience from 11am-4pm. Happy shopping!


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