Thursday, January 31, 2019

Staying Warm in Your Condo this Winter!

Most of us are in agreeance that we can't wait until the weather starts to warm up! We've had some seriously cold weather this winter at the Lake of the Ozarks. Unfortunately, winter isn't over yet and we more than likely have plenty of cold winter days left. Your favorite condo complex at the Lake of the Ozarks can't change the weather but we can offer some tips for staying warm and cozy in your luxury condo at the Lake of the Ozarks

Make Sure Your Windows Are Sealed 

If you notice any drafts from your windows, it may be time to reapply caulk around your windows. This can make a big difference on not only staying warm this winter but also help cut costs on your energy bill. 

Change You Your Fans to Rotate Clockwise 

Did you know that most fan models there is a switch that will turn the blades of the fan in the opposite direction? Believe it or not, it makes a huge impact on the temperature of the room. In the Summer you want the "wind chill" effect; air blowing down on you to help cool off. During the cooler months, the fan should rotate the opposite direction and at a low speed, to suck air up and push warm air down and out. This provides a thin layer of an air barrier between the walls and the center of the room.

Invest in a Few Area Rugs 

Investing in a few areas rugs is a great way to make your space feel cozy. Not only will your space be visually cozy, but area rugs will also give you something warm and plush to walk on when your floors are cold.

Draft Guards

Draft guards are designed to fit underneath doors to increase weather protection even further than a door alone. These can be bought at any home improvement store. Since drafts can cause anywhere from 5% to 30% of wasted energy, we highly recommend a draft guard for your front door.

Curtains are a Must

Curtains work to keep the cold air out of your home. Even if you have well-insolated windows, on a really cold day the glass of your window will let in a little cold air. A good cotton blend curtain is perfect for keeping the colder air from seeping in while insulating the interior heat as well. 

We hope that you find these tips helpful for staying warm for the remainder of winter! It may be cold now but summer will be here before we know it! We can't wait to start enjoying the amenities at our waterfront condos at the Lake of the Ozarks! Until then, everyone at Isla Del Sol hopes you stay warm and cozy for the remainder of winter! 

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