Friday, October 5, 2018

Get Your Second Home Ready for Being Empty During the Off Season

Fall is here and once the weather starts to cool down you probably won't find yourself at your second home at the Lake of the Ozarks often, if not until next spring. It's never too early to start planning what to do when you leave your condo for the off-season months. You want to ensure that your condo at the Lake of the Ozarks is protected from the weather and is in tip-top shape when you return. There are steps you should take when you plan on leaving your condominium for season. Your favorite condominium complex at the Lake of the Ozarks has a few tips for keeping your condo safe while you are away.

Protect your dock slip from ice.

If you've decided to winterize your boat and choose to leave it in the slip, you'll want to take some precautions to ensure your boat is protected from the ice! A de-icer in the water can keep ice from forming around your boat and damaging the hull. Disconnecting batteries from the boat and keeping the cover sealed tight can also help prevent accidental neighbors (pests) from hibernating in your watercraft.

Adjust your thermostat for your absence.

Leaving your condo energy efficient in your absence is not as easy as simply turning off the thermostat and walking away for the winter. You'll want to turn the thermostat over to the heat setting and set it low, around 50°F. This can prevent your home from dropping into freezing temperature, which could lead to property damage.

Unplug unnecessary appliances from the wall.

Unplug all of your appliances. A report from Springfield, Illinois shows that your fridge consumes anywhere from $7 to $18 monthly. If you're going to be gone for months, this is just wasted energy and money. Additionally, appliances can cause household fires if the power cord is faulty. With no one home, it could be devastating if a fire were to occur.

Hire someone to check on your property.

Several companies around the Lake of the Ozarks offer winter home checking services, all designed to keep your home protected and keep it looking like it isn't empty. You could also make friends with those who stay around your property year round - these neighbors are perfect people to ask to keep an eye on things!

It is important to take the necessary steps to prepare your second home at the Lake of the Ozarks for vacancy during the offseason. There is still plenty of time to enjoy the fall season at the Lake of the Ozarks but it won't be long until you leave the Lake until next year, so be sure to keep this list handy. If you don't plan on hiring someone or you don't have a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your condo, it's a good idea to come back and check on things from time to time. Plus, it gives you a chance to experience your panoramic view of the Lake again!

By following these simple organization hacks, living in a condominium at the Lake of the Ozarks is sounding better and better! At Isla Del Sol, you get to live in paradise all year, so what are you waiting for? Don't let a small space intimidate you, stop by Isla Del Sol and see what living in luxury is all about! You can tour our model units daily from 10am-4pm, we'd love to show you around!

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