Monday, April 23, 2018

Indoor Gardening Tips to Liven Up Any Space

Placing plants in your home or condominium at the Lake of the Ozarks can really add some life to your space. The problem is, sometimes keeping your houseplants alive is not always an easy task. Indoor gardening doesn't have to be a hassle or frustrating. Knowing some tips and tricks can make your indoor gardening experience easier and defiantly more enjoyable. Today, Isla Del Sol would like to share with you some indoor gardening tips.

Plant Watering 

Do Not Over Water 

Overwatering your plants is often a common killer for houseplants. It is very easy to over water your plants. You should only water your plants when the soil feels dry to the touch. This method works for most indoor plants. However, there are some plants that may need a little more water than others. You should try to do a little research for each plant that you have for specific care instructions.

Water your Plants from the Bottom 

Sometimes when you water plants with a cup or watering can, you risk flooding the soil or not reaching the pots plant roots. Instead, water from the bottom. This will allow the roots to suck up the amount of water it needs instead of flooding the top. To do this, use flower pots that have holes on the bottom. It is also helpful if the pot has a plate on the bottom.

Use Ice Cubes 

There are two benefits to watering your houseplants with ice cubes. One, the ice cubes melt at a slow rate. This will give the roots and soil time to absorb the water properly. Two, when you use ice cubes you can avoid the water overflowing from the pot. The ice cube method is a great way to water your plants, but you should only use this method for small plants such as an orchid. If you put too many ice cubes in a larger plant, you could risk freezing your plant.

Mist Your Plants 

A lot of plants do well if you mist them in addition to watering the soil. This is especially important in the winter months when the air is dry. The mist will recreate humidity, which is what a lot of plants like. To mist your plants, purchase a spray bottle that will allow you to mist instead of spray. When you fill your bottle up make sure to use room temperature water; your plants will not appreciate a hot or cold mist.

Indoor Plant Suggestions 


Ferns typically do well indoors. Ferns thrive in humid climates, so a great place to put a fern is in the bathroom. This is a plant you should mist occasionally. Ferns also do well outdoors in the summer months. If you purchase plant hooks, ferns would be a great addition to the balcony at your luxury lakefront condo at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Your fern needs:

Sun: Sun to part shade
Water: Medium water
Height: 1-5 feet

Zebra Plant 

This plant is known for being attractive and it has heavy stripped foliage and yellow flowers. This plant also likes humidity, so this would be another great plant for the bathroom. If you do not want to put the plant in the bathroom, put the pot on some wet pebbles to simulate humidity.

Your Zebra Plant needs:

Sun: Partly shady-full shade
Water: Medium
Height: 4-6 feet

Christmas Cactus

The bright purple and pink tones of the  Christmas Cactus will brighten up any space. The stems are thick flattened segments, which makes them a fun and unique plant to have in your home. Keep in mind after the holidays, this plant requires a rest period before it can bloom in the Spring.

Your Christmas Cactus needs:

Sun: Part Shade
Water: Dry to medium
Height: 0.75-1 feet

Peace Lily 

The peace lily is also another easy plant to take care of. This plant does well in medium lighted areas. Everyone seems to love this plant because it produces beautiful pure white flowers that can last for over a month.

Your Peace Lily needs:

Sun: Part shade to full shade
Water: Medium
Height: 1- 6 feet

When you own a condominium at the Lake of the Ozarks, houseplants are the perfect way to liven up any room in the house. If you are considering buying a condo just in time for summer, contact the Lake of the Ozarks best condos, Isla Del Sol. We offer the only island living condos at the lake and would be happy to show you one of our model units. Give us a call at 573-552-8414.

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