Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Cleaning Checklist to Get Your Home Summer Ready

It's that time of year again. Spring is officially here and with the winter weather and holidays overtaking your time over the last several months, you've neglected your home's needs all winter long. We understand the lack of desire to do that much needed spring cleaning when the warmer weather invites you to enjoy the luxurious amenities at Isla Del Sol condominiums. So to make your task a little easier and quicker, Lake of the Ozarks luxury condo complex has come up with a quick view list for you to easily check off as you go:

Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Pay special attention to the windows. Clean window glass, panes, screens and treatments. Take your drapes down and wash them or switch them out with fun spring themed ones. 
  • Dust throughout your home thoroughly - including tops of cabinets, ceiling fans, air vents and wall trim. 
  • Move and clean behind and under all furniture. Remove cushions and clean beneath them. Spot clean any stains showing up on cushions and throw pillows.
  • Have the carpet throughout your home professionally cleaned. Buff or wax your hardwood floor. Treat your tile floor and clean the grout with a commercial grade cleaner. 
  • Go through your fridge and get rid of any leftovers hiding out from the holidays. Dispose of any expired foods and scrub the shelves down to remove any stuck on foods. Scrub away any spilled food in your oven before running self-clean. Pay special attention to the stove burners to get up any stubborn spills or stuck on food. Scrub down the inside of your microwave. 
  • Go through closets, pantries, and shelving and discard anything you no longer need, want or anything that is expired. Organize the rest to make it easier to locate items without searching. 
  • Deep clean the bathrooms. Scrub soap scum from shower walls and tubs, faucets, and shower heads. When cleaning the toilet, pay special attention to the base of the toilet and surrounding floor as well. 
  • Vacuum and air out your bed mattress. Rotate your mattress to prolong its lifetime. Launder all bedding and pillows. 
  • Switch out your winter clothes with spring and summer clothes. 
  • Outside stuff - wash trash cans out with disinfectant spray. Sweep porches and decks and get rid of built up cobwebs. Wash off any outdoor furniture. 

With this handy list of items to go by, your spring cleaning tasks will be a breeze to check off. The best thing about living at Lake of the Ozarks' best waterfront condominium is that maintenance will take care of all the outside spring cleaning chores, such as replacing shingles and cleaning the exterior. With a dazzling spring fresh home, you're ready to get to the important things in life. Now sit back and relax at the only island condominium project at Lake of the Ozarks!

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