Monday, February 26, 2018

3 Tips for Protecting Your Boat

Owning a luxury condo at the Lake of the Ozarks means that you can enjoy all the boating opportunities the area offers. If you own a boat, you also need to take some steps to protect your investment. At Isla Del Sol, we have designed our Island complex to protect your boat, and at our beautiful 360-degree condominium complex, we offer slips for sale that can help prevent your boat from damage from wakes and the elements. Here are 3 tips for protecting your boat and making your stay at the lake enjoyable throughout the year.

1. Choose the Best Slip for Your Boat

Choosing a slip for your boat is some of the best protection from the water you can get. The first step is choosing a slip that can hold up your boat. You need to know the boats length, width, and weight when choosing a lift. If there are any doubts, it's probably better to over-specify than to under quote. We can accommodate nearly any size/style of boats. Our slip sizes are: 12x32, 12x36, 14x36, 14x40, and 16x40.    

2. Secure Your Boat Properly

If you are out enjoying the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks and decide to stop at one of our local water bars or need to fuel up, there are some tips to help prevent boat damage from the dock. Use two ropes on the bow of the boat, one on each side to stabilize the vessel and prevent it from swaying too far one way or the other. On the stern, use two crossed ropes, going from one side of the vessel to the other side of the slip. When tying the knot onto the slip, use a knot that can be untied quickly but won't come undone on its own, such as a proper cleat hitch knot. Remember to leave enough slack if waves strike, so that the boat can move independently of the dock, without being drug around by the rope. 

3. Use Bumpers to Prevent Damage

If your boat is put away for the day or you find yourself at a busy dock for a night of dinner and entertainment, throw some bumpers on the sides of the boat. This just-in-case feature pays for itself in-case of accidents. You can't watch your boat all the time, and should the dock crew incorrectly tie your boat into the slip, it might bump or grind into the slip. Bumpers can help mitigate this damage, possibly saving you in repairs along with preventing accidental damage to the dock!  

Isla Del Sol Wants to Protect Your Investment

Our private island condominium paradise wants to make sure that your watercraft is able to stay protected. Utilize our slips to prevent your boat from being damaged. The next time you stay at the Lake's best waterfront condos, come down and look at our docks. We offer 5 different options which can contain sizes from PWCs to 40 ft. watercraft. Come to Isla Del Sol at the Lake of the Ozarks for a great view and a perfect vacation home; stay for the amazing community and private island community!

Come back often to see all of the exciting things happening at Isla Del Sol.

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