Thursday, August 13, 2015

Storage Solutions for Condo Living

People love bringing home stuff.  Often, before realizing it, that stuff piles up quickly and clutter is suddenly everywhere you look!  Our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront condominiums offer plenty of living space, but if you start collecting a lot of stuff, you may need to get a little more creative about your storage solutions.  Here are a few helpful ideas to get everything out of your way and in its proper place.  

The Walls

Walls are mostly used for hanging pictures, but they are a great place for additional home storage.  In the office, adding floating shelves above your desk utilizes a lot of otherwise empty space.  Files that you don't often need in hand can be stored at the top.

You can hang kitchen utensils that are used often on the wall space between the counter and the cabinets.  Stirring spoons, spatulas, colanders, pots, pans, measuring cups... items like that.  A hanging cup rack doubles as decor if you put your prettiest mugs on it.  This simple solution frees up a lot of drawer and counter space. 

Closet Space

Your closet is not necessarily limited to its obvious dimensions.  When you get a little creative with the area, you can double its space.  Adding shelving like in the photo to the right allows you to put in an extra hanging rack, using the lower space that often remains empty. Drawer dividers can be added to increase the amount of what can fit into them.  There are also over-the-door hanging shelves that use up even more usually-empty space.  

Double Duty Furniture

The very best way to increase your storage space without adding furniture is to buy pieces that have storage hidden inside of them.  Storage ottomans are great for this.  They can be used as extra seating or table space, but also allow you to keep items inside of them and out of sight.  Benches are also great seats that have plenty of room for stuff underneath.    

A captain's bed comes with built in drawers underneath the frame.  Some coffee tables have a top that lift up to desk level, with a storage space underneath. 

There are lots more ideas out there for some pretty awesome ways to keep your clutter at bay. is an excellent resource, especially if you are a crafty person.  If not, then you can usually buy what you see there from someone that is, or directly from a furniture store.  The beautiful Lake of the Ozarks luxury condominiums of Isla Del Sol may start out looking similar to each other, but implementing some of these ideas will give you a functional, unique space all your own.  

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