Friday, July 10, 2015

Color Makes a Room Come Alive

You don't have to paint the walls of every room to add color to your home. Bold pops of color here and there, strategically placed around your condo, can really add some life to your space.  Here are some simple ideas for adding some color to the inside of your luxury condominium at the Lake of the Ozarks or anyplace else that you call home.    


This is the easiest way to get color on a wall, besides hanging a picture.  A bright curtain framing a window with a gorgeous view (like the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks outside of Isla Del Sol Condominiums) makes your outside its own art.  If you ever get tired of the color or decide to redecorate, its as simple as taking them down and putting new ones in their place.


This is a broad category.  You can toss throw pillows on your furniture, or a colorful lap blanket across the back of a couch.  Brightly colored books or bold candles are great accents for a coffee table.  A table lamp can have a colored base or lamp shade.  If you are a knick-knack collector, you've probably got some in your favorite colors that can be displayed around your home.

Bedroom at Isla Del Sol, Lake of the Ozarks, MO 


Bright flowers and the beautiful green of most plants are great for adding color to a room.  The pots that you decide to plant them in are a wonderful place for pops of color too.  These have added bonuses in that most have a pleasant scent and all of them are great for the air quality inside your home.  

Painted furniture

This takes a little more work than tossing a pillow on a chair, but a lot less work than painting 4 walls in a room.  A bright red chair or a deep blue bed frame can add a burst of fun into a room.  All you need is a free day, some sandpaper, and your favorite color of paint.  

These very small additions to your decor can add big appeal.  All of these ideas can be easily moved to another room or switched out completely without a lot of hassle or any remodeling to your home.  Your color choices are endless, and any one of these ideas would look amazing in one of our waterfront condominiums at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Start thinking about your favorite colors and have fun decorating.     

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